About Jacob CoppleI’m a swiss army knife of visual storytelling. I’m experienced in photography, videography, and web design. I’ve naturally gravitated toward web design because I needed a place to showcase my work and I (hopefully like you) am too picky to settle on a set template. There’s always something I needed to do different. So I cultivated a broad knowledge about web design and conventions and found that I loved creating usable, engaging websites from scratch (with the help of WordPress).

I worked in small businesses most of my life and know that it’s hard to balance everything and represent yourself well, especially in the ever-changing world of digital media. I also know that each business is unique and sometimes a stamped out template from a huge online company for $12 a month sometimes won’t cut it. I exist to fill that gap.

I’m a Lubbock native and have a beautiful wife and a bi-polar cat. I hold a Master of Arts in Mass Communication (2015) and a Bachelor of Arts in Electronic Media & Communication (2013) from Texas Tech. Effectively conveying information and ideas is what i’ve been molded and taught to do. Together with my experience in freelance video and photo, I’m confident I can exceed your website expectations. Let’s talk over a cup of coffee and complain about the weather.

– Jacob Copple

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