Jacob Copple, Ph.D.

Mixed Methods User Experience Researcher

About me

I'm a user engagement expert.
Years of mixed methods research help me connect the dots through empathy building and evidence-based decision making.

Applied Research Motivation &
Desire to Collaborate

I finished my Ph.D. in Advertising from the University of Texas in 2021. Academic research never left me with the feeling that my work was helping anyone. So a month before I graduated, I shifted careers to an applied focus in user research so my research could have direct impact in the digital world.

I thrive on helping others realize their goals. Whether that’s the students I taught during my time in academia or businesses looking for solutions. I seek to exceed expectations on every project I work on. Working closely with others that have a similar mindset is when I do my best work. This drives meĀ  to continue my knowledge and expertise as a researcher (no matter what method I use).

What I do

I observe, develop hypotheses, measure, experiment, and present actionable solutions on hard questions about human behavior. I use qualitative methods like interviews and ethnography as well as quantitative methods like A/B testing and large scale survey design.


Research that isn't based on numerical data, and you need to explore concepts, opinions, and experiences of people through methods like interviews, ethnography and moderated usability testing.


This research answers questions of how much and how many. A/B testing and large scale surveys help gain insight into statistically-significant user decision making

Stakeholder communication

My years of strategic communication study and research allow me to translate complicated information to myriad stakeholders so they can make the best possible decisions.

Skills + Tools

Survey Design
A/B Testing
Interviewing (Structured & Unstructured)
Presentation Skills

Professional Expertise


University of Texas

Research Methodology & Data analysis

Lead or participated in 11 collaborative research projects that produced 5 published papers in peer-reviewed journals and 7 peer-reviewed conference papers. Proven experience and continued passion for modern statistical methods and data analysis.


University of Texas

Project Lead & Teaching

Successfully lead teams through 16-week course on strategic communication. Presented industry case studies to entry-level and senior team members from small (10-25) to large (250+) groups.


University of Texas

Stakeholder Communication

Presented 7 multistage research projects in front of 100+ subject matter experts. Lead and facilitated weekly meetings for research assistants and principal investigators.