I'm a social science researcher.
Years of mixed-methods, primary research help me connect the dots of human behavior.

Applied Research Built on Collaboration

I finished my Ph.D. in Advertising from the University of Texas in 2021. Academic research never left me with the feeling that my work was helping anyone. So a month before I graduated, I shifted careers to an applied focus. The leap from the Ivory Tower was tough, but I’m excited to have continue to connect the dots in human behavior for decision makers.

My professional skills include statistics in R (slowly learning Python), mixed-methods research design, and all forms of communication. Over a decade of studying strategic communication has prepared me to efficiently transfer information to any audience by any means. Outside of work, I enjoy riding my bike to grab an afternoon coffee and read my latest non-fiction book. I also play more video games than I’d like to admit and think lunch is superior to breakfast. Let’s connect on LinkedIn and/or on Twitter.